2012 Craft Brewery Pilgrimage Formation

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The 2012 Craft Brewery Pilgrimage will commence on Saturday, February 25 at San Pedro Brewing Company!

Thirsty pilgrims from all over Southern California are preparing to begin this year’s expanded adventure. Since last year’s tour of craft breweries arrived at Stone Brewing Company at the beginning of October, we have been preparing to set out again.

You can find the schedule for the 2012 Craft Brewery Pilgrimage on the Events page.

Mine is a pilgrimage with a mission.  First and foremost, I believe that community grows stronger as we share around a table. I always enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories in real life; this is a great, relaxed way to do that.

 I also recognize the strong historic connections between monastic life and brewing beer, and the significant contributions monks have made to brewing, I set out to explore those connections.

In addition, Southern California has a growing appreciation for craft brews, and I explore the best places to learn about that.

I also highlight a different nonprofit organization at each stop along the way.

There is still time for you to become part of the movement.  If you are in Southern California, you can:

Become my friend on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or email me at StrategicMonk@gmail.com.

Even if you do not join the pilgrimage this year, you can visit fine craft breweries near you and let me know which places I should be sure to visit in the future.  I would appreciate your help as I research places to visit.

There are excellent craft brewers following the tradition of Benedictine brewing around the world.  Sample your local brews, and let me know which ones I might need to come sample myself.

Will you join me on my pilgrimage?

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