Leadership is a Quest for Truth

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Our understanding of leadership is based on what our senses tell us is important. When we look at leadership, we tend to see external qualities.

We believe that a leader who makes more money is a better leader than one who makes less. We assume that someone who leads a large organization is a better leader than someone who leads in a small group.

We are attracted to leaders who are influential or powerful, dynamic or vibrant. It is easy for people who want to be leaders to look for ways to develop those qualities in their own leadership.

There is nothing wrong with wanting our leadership to be exciting or strong. Our challenge is that the qualities we desire come from deep within ourselves.

Becoming a leader is not about finding and acquiring bits of magic to help us lead other people. We are not on a quest merely to make more money or influence more people.

Our leadership is a quest for truth.

The truth we seek does not lie in books or courses of study. Yes, there are things we need to learn and understand. The truths that will transform our leadership come from discovering and exploring the depth within us.

I gained a lot of education and experience before I recognized what sort of leader I could be. The lessons I learned were helpful in important ways, but I started becoming a leader when I began my quest.

Like a knight seeking something of great value, I gain new insights on each part of my journey. I learn to leave things I do not need and find what I do need along the way.

What is the deep truth you are seeking?

Whose leadership helps you seek your own deep truths?

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  1. Jim
    March 25, 2014

    Understanding that I am the truth. When that is believed, I talk less and act more which leads to leadership.

    • Strategic Monk
      March 25, 2014

      Thank you, Jim!

      Yes, when we recognize our deep truths, our own true selves, we come to appreciate our possibilities. We know ourselves in new ways, and share ourselves with the people around us.

      We can become who we have the potential to be.


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