Six Months to Spiritual Health



Our lives lack peace and clarity because we do not pay attention to the deep spiritual truths that can enrich us.

When we ignore physical truths, we get sick or injured. We lose our physical health.

When we ignore financial truths, we lose our financial health.

Many clients come to me with a deep sense of being overwhelmed all the time. They rush from one task to another, never taking time for their inner lives. They focus on the external, losing touch with their deepest selves. They recognize that even though they are otherwise successful, there is something missing. They struggle to find meaning in their everyday lives.

Six Months to Spiritual Health is crafted to help you discover your true self. Say goodbye to desperation and hello to exploring your inner strength.

When you invest in 6 Months to Spiritual Health you will have:

  • A clear program curriculum that will help you to practice 6 time-honored spiritual disciplines. You will develop spiritual disciplines that lead you toward finding peace and help you to find guidance in difficult situations. The practices you develop will last you for the rest of your life.

  • Regular personal conversations with your Strategic Monk. You will have an ally and guide who listens and cares for your inner life, not merely your external circumstances.

“Greg helped me decipher the direction I wanted my life to go and assisted me in focusing my efforts to get me there.”

Rowan Mundhenk – World Class Scholar

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